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September 19th

A Letter From Veronica Figueroa,
September 2020

This is a very rare and exclusive mastermind opportunity.

Most people in business who desire growth never experience it because of one fatal mistake...

They are focused on the wrong targets

...the next deal

...the new hack

...the latest technology

...and the list goes on and on while they miss the most critical principle in life and business

Simple Solves The Complex

In this session I will be flying in my personal coach and mentor who has helped transform more than just my business..

Jon Cheplak has over 32 years of practical, applied real estate experience as a successful agent and an executive that led a multi-office, tri-state real estate company.

He has created a proprietary system and process that has added Billions in sales volume to real estate agents across business, real estate teams and companies throughout the world.

Jon will share with you the simple framework to thrive in your business and personal life with the simple framework the most elite business leaders across all industries follow religiously.

Along with the 4 proven principles to immediately implement into your business the minute you walk out the door.

Jon will leave you massively impacted and at a crossroads of choice with the blueprint to take your life and business to a place beyond your wildest dreams.

Will you be there?

Your Friend,

**Limited to the first 50 registers**